Sweet Jane Bennet

Sweet Jane Bennet

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Sweet Jane Bennet; an original Jane Austen inspired tea from her novel,Pride and Prejudice.  Part of our Jane Austen Tea Series® character tea collection.

 "“I have an excessive regard for Jane Bennet, she is really a very sweet girl...But with such a father and mother...." -The Bingley sisters discussing Jane

The sweetest temper and the greatest beauty with the challenges of family on the shoulders of the eldest.  It seemed such a character exhibited both strength of character for a black tea and gentility and grace for a green tea. Together with a sweetness of vanilla for her tenderness and the charms of jasmine flowers we present Miss Jane Bennet. The cup is moderate in strength, floral and a sweetness that is well suited for afternoon tea desserts.  Is it any wonder Bingley fell for this Angel?

Absolutely essential for any teatime, cream tea of scones and delicate desserts!

Jasmine scented green tea, black tea, natural vanilla