Mr. Knightley's Reserve

Mr. Knightley's Reserve

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Mr. Knightley's Reserve, our Jane Austen inspired tea from the original Jane Austen Tea Series® for her novel,Emma

We believe it essential for every country gentleman to have an Earl Grey tea at the ready.  And, for this special hero only the best would do. This particular Earl Grey took well over a year of tastings by our chief of tea to settle on for Mr. Knightley.

 At last, the right balance of bergamot in the right tea, that was neither too sharp nor too absent, was found. 

While he is obliging to his friends and neighbors with regard to access of his strawberries, Mr. Knightley's Reserve is for a classic take on an afternoon tea for anyone who wishes for a proper cup. There is no fruit or flourish outside of what is proper in an Earl Grey for a distinguished gentleman or visiting lady.

We are pleased to share that many who felt they did not care for Earl Grey before, changed their minds after sampling this inspired cup of tea!