Mansfield Morning

Mansfield Morning

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Part of our original Inspired by Jane Austen tea line, Mansfield Morning, is a tisane in The Jane Austen Tea Series® from Mansfield Park.

Imagine yourself in the breakfast room at Mansfield. The players of Lover's Vows are slow to the table after a night of practice and flirtations. Lady Bertram fussing over pug having made her way down a little late as well. Fanny steals glances at Edmund and the anticipation of the new day's diversions in front of them. A lively cuppa is wanted to match the feelings of the room, however caffeine is not necessary for all the same reasons.

Our Mansfield Morning tisane is full of vibrant, vitamin-C rich grapefruit and orange peel, energy inducing lemongrass and a touch of basil. Add this to your daily Winter beverage list and share it with a friend.  Our most popular tisane at the Jane Austen National Society conferences and with our friends at home.

*This blend is Pug approved