Longbourn Wedding Tea

Longbourn Wedding Tea

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Longbourn Wedding Tea, inspired tea creation from Jane Austen's Novel, Pride and Prejudice. A celebration tea in our Jane Austen Tea Series® character tea line.

.... a single man in possession of a fortune must be in want of a wife! A celebration tea for two daughters married is cause for something special. We are always honored when we learn of a bride choosing this blend for their own special day! 

To mark the occasion, we have dressed delicate white, lacy tea with sparkling Champagne flavor, rose buds, rose petals, a touch of silver needle jasmine and a very subtle berry fruit flavor. 

For a special afternoon tea or your special occasion, this delicate tea is sure to please your guests. We love to recommend steeping this into a simple syrup solution to use in a champagne cocktail topped with small rose buds to toast the happy couple!

*This tea is capable of more than one infusion.