Emma's Perfect Match

Emma's Perfect Match

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Miss Emma Woodhouse, a tea inspired by Jane Austen's Novel, Emma. This year celebrating it's 201st anniversary of publication! A green tea blend in our Jane Austen Tea Series®

 This is an elegant, youthful green tea and full of romance for matchmaking, especially with the addition of pink rosebuds and rose petals.  Add to this, real dried strawberries very likely picked right from Mr. Knightley's garden! There is a ladylike hue, dare we say blush, to the steeped cup thanks in part to hibiscus which represents Emma's sharp wit and occasional sharp tongue. Altogether it is a blend even Mr. Woodhouse surely could not object to if taken with friends in the comfort of ones home.

In this cup, we hope Emma at last finds the perfect match and we celebrate with this aromatic and delicious blend!

 *China green tea, roses, strawberry, dried fruits assorted, rhubarb and hibiscus and natural flavoring.