Compassion For Mrs. Bennet's Nerves

Compassion For Mrs. Bennet's Nerves

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*  A Tea House Times Editor's Pick! 

Mrs. Bennet, an inspired tisane from Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice is the first tisane of our Jane Austen Tea Series Teas ®

At last there is compassion for what poor Mrs. Bennet suffers with her nerves! Ideal for late afternoon tea when caffeine is not wanted but a beautiful cuppa is needed.

  Our tisane of plump chamomile flower buds, spirited peppermint, calming passion flower and linden, romantic rose petals for her wishful match making, rosehips, and lovely garden lavender, perhaps from a prettyish sort of wood. 

We are pleased to share that friends who have told us they previously sipped tisanes only for health benefit, now say they happily make themselves of cup of Compassion for Mrs. Bennet's Nerves purely for the enjoyment of it.  That is praise indeed! 


We recommend a touch of local honey for a sweet tooth while sitting by the fire reading a favorite Austen novel