Captain Wentworth

Captain Wentworth

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Captain Wentworth, inspired by Jane Austen's novel Persuasion. A blend of fine black teas in our Jane Austen Tea Series® line

A bold cup of tea to ward off foul weather and bolster the spirit is often called for. We find it just the thing for strength whether facing rough seas, old flames or the morning.


This hearty blend of CTC black teas of Assam and Keemun, is our version of an Irish Breakfast Tea. Fit for sailor, gentleman or any breakfast table with a splash of milk. Do be careful, as this addictive blend may pierce your soul, however it will not leave you in half agony, only hope.. that someone will pour you another cup!


It is the counterpoint to Miss Anne Elliot's green tea. For an afternoon tea party, both characters pair very well with traditional teatime fare. Steel yourself against the day with a cup or three of the Captain or invite him to join a lively group discussion of our favorite, Persuasion.