Anne Elliot's Hope

Anne Elliot's Hope

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Anne Elliot of Persuasion from our Jane Austen Tea Series.

Poor Anne..... No fruit, no petals or plumes for flourish. However, like Anne, this tea is beautiful as itself and is the ideal tea companion to pouring over letters even with only the smallest hope. Indeed, this green tea is a beautiful example of what a tea should be.

 Her virtues shine most when helping others in hot water . This green, silky, hand crafted tea from a jin xuan cultivar like Anne, is well rounded and from a quality family just waiting for love. This special cultivar from Taiwan produces a rounded and comforting cup with a smooth, lingering finish and a slight umami character that is sometimes found in lighter Japanese teas.  It is a favorite of seasoned tea sippers as well as those just discovering green tea. Difficult to over steep because of its unique traits, this cup shares qualities of our heroine in that is most dependable.

Certainly a most calming cup of tea after a trying visit with relations or a reviving cup while sitting by the fire with good friends. And, you need not retrench in your tea budget either. This tea does very well with multiple steeping at a lower temperature.